So Semi-Precious In Your Detached World

Picked up an Ilford Sporti at a car boot sale at the weekend ( for £5) which turned out to have a film already inside, with four shots gone already. Finished off the roll today then when i took the roll out, I saw that it was Ilford Selochrome....which could easily be 50/60 years old, the camera itself was around from 1959. After a bit of reading, I decided to just go ahead and process in Caffenol. Was pleased to see there was at least something on the roll, but unfortunately the original four photos didn't work out too great...perhaps, partly, I'm sure, because I opened the back of the camera ( then swiftly closed it again!) when I was buying it, not knowing there was film in it. Anyhow, was lovely to see the images from this roll regardless, just something nice to think that this roll of film had been in this camera all these years and I got to finish it off. I processed in caffenol...not sure exactly why the colours, but I'll go with it

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