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  • The Wonders of the Enchanted Kingdom

    written by ak47lomogurl on 2010-05-25 #places
    The Wonders of the Enchanted Kingdom

    It was unplanned! My friends and I were headed towards Tagaytay City but someone mentioned missing going to Enchanted Kingdom (EK). Everyone looked at each other for agreement.. And so, the decision was made: Detour to Enchanted Kingdom (for what could've been the nth time)!!

  • An Enchanted Engagement Session

    written by icuresick on 2012-03-02 #places
    An Enchanted Engagement Session

    Most amusement park rides were created so two people can sit next to each other, therefore, making it a perfect place for lovers to enjoy moments together. But, what if we also turn it into a giant location for a prenuptial shoot?

  • Where I'd Love to Spend my Valentine's Day

    written by kathleenmendoza on 2012-02-14 #places
    Where I'd Love to Spend my Valentine's Day

    Where are you bringing your date this Valentine's Day? If you haven't thought of a place yet, and if you live in the Philippines, then Laguna has got the perfect spot for you and your date! Learn about it after the break.

  • Enchanted Kingdom Revisited

    written by stitch on 2010-08-23 #places
    Enchanted Kingdom Revisited

    A lot has been written about the Enchanted Kingdom. There is an abundance of photos of this theme park. So what’s one more review? I think it’s the personal experience that counts. Each visit is unique, the shots may look the same but it does evoke memories of the good time you had.