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  • Lomopedia: Olympus Pen

    written by plasticpopsicle on 2013-07-24 #gear
    Lomopedia: Olympus Pen

    One of the most successful and best known cameras produced by Olympus, the original Pen was a half-frame camera launched in 1959. It was succeeded by other models and progressed into the Pen Series. Find out more about the camera that popularized the 35mm half-frame format in this installment of Lomopedia.

  • The Charm of the Tiny Japanese Olympus PEN EES-2

    written by samymay on 2011-02-17 #gear
    The Charm of the Tiny Japanese Olympus PEN EES-2

    A small and full of charm tiny Japanese camera that offer economy using half frame pictures, useful in automatic mode and can be used in manual trims for fun in a tiny and good care construction.

  • Carnaval + Analogue = FUN!

    written by maymosciaro on 2011-03-23
    Carnaval + Analogue = FUN!

    Carnaval in Rio is a HUGE thing but who would imagine that a carioca could not like Carnaval!? But at least, he loves analogue pictures!

  • Stop Motion Sunday: The PEN Story

    written by plasticpopsicle on 2013-07-28 #videos
    Stop Motion Sunday: The PEN Story

    We don't always get to see product advertisements and marketing campaigns that are effective, compelling, and tell great stories. So, today's Stop Motion Sunday offering will surely delight you -- especially if you own a lovely model from the Olympus PEN Series!