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  • How to Centre Your Subjects

    written by goonies on 2011-08-15 #gear #tutorials
    How to Centre Your Subjects

    The 35mm Back for Diana+ is an accessory I love, but at the beginning I had some hard times trying to centre my subjects in the picture I was taking.

  • Madrid: Lomo On!

    written by javihacefotos on 2010-11-25 #places
    Madrid: Lomo On!

    My Holga camera has just turned six months old! So what better gift than an article on Madrid with photos from my Holga (although some of my other cameras also contributed to this post) to boot. Come, and take a look! :)

  • Girona

    written by larahacefotos on 2011-01-07 #places

    Feeling uninspired? Usher in the new year with a trip to Girona, a beautiful city to visit which offers not only a great escape from your boring daily routine but also makes for a very attractive subject for your next set of analogue photographs.