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  • When Analogue and Digital Collide

    written by veato on 2011-07-18
    When Analogue and Digital Collide

    When taking analogue photos I try to keep any editing or digital manipulation to a minimum. Apart from cropping the borders of square Diana shots and scanning the images digitally they remain as much as possible true to the Lomography principles. Recently though my analogue and digital worlds collided with pleasantly surprising results.

  • Warwick Castle

    written by squamy on 2010-05-07 #places
    Warwick Castle

    A spontaneous trip to Warwick Castle on the banks of the Avon. A glorious sunny Sunday in April.

  • Warwick Castle and Peacock Garden

    written by kneehigh85 on 2011-04-25 #places
    Warwick Castle and Peacock Garden

    Warwick Castle is a Merlin-run attraction for a day out with the whole family and is especially great in the lovely spring sunshine, with the beautiful peacock gardens being the most beautiful place to soak up the sunshine.