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  • Baby Holga: Small and Incredible

    written by bluemie5 on 2009-03-14 #gear
    Baby Holga: Small and Incredible

    One may assume that since it is small the effects are little too. Don't judge it by its size. After reading this article, I'm sure you'll think twice. I chose to make this review because it is the smallest, cutest and most handy camera i ever have. I always have my Baby Holga with me because i wear it like an ordinary accessory pendant together with my necklace or sometimes used it as a keychain.

  • My 11th Golden Rule: Keep Your Head Up

    written by iamdnierod on 2012-03-02
    My 11th Golden Rule: Keep Your Head Up

    After receiving my film scans today and browsed them, I realized that I had this weird fixation for 3 months. Picture after picture, same photos and angles I saw from hundreds of scans = windows, trees, sky, and roofs.

  • Porthcurno Beach

    written by coldkennels on 2010-03-23 #places
    Porthcurno Beach

    One of my favourite beaches, this little cove is filled with soft sand, and beautifully sheltered with easily climbable cliffs each side. It's so beautifully serene.