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  • The Blue City of Chefchaouen, Morocco

    written by stokedstokes on 2010-03-18 #places
    The Blue City of Chefchaouen, Morocco

    If you've looked at a tour book of Morocco, no doubt you've seen photos of this city. Shades of blue can be found everywhere, the entire town melts into the sky. Located about 2 hours from Tanger, in the Rif mountains, this city is nestled into the hilltops and is a site to behold. The city is blue thanks to it's original Jewish inhabitants, but has an Andalusian feel at the same time.

  • Explore: Chefchaouen, Morocco

    written by chooolss on 2014-07-04 #places
    Explore: Chefchaouen, Morocco

    This week's destination is the lovely, picturesque town of Chefchaouen. Hop on!