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  • Cebu Provincial Capitol

    written by eazy360 on 2009-02-08 #places
    Cebu Provincial Capitol

    Having passed by this government building growing up, I have often overlooked the beauty of its dignified dome, Ionic columns and golden statues of draped figures that encompass one of the best preserved colonial buildings in the country from the American occupation.

  • Manila Chinatown: The World's Oldest

    written by eazy360 on 2009-02-10 #places
    Manila Chinatown: The World's Oldest

    It's Chinese New Year. Ongpin Street the main thoroughfare of Manila Chinatown is a traffic jam of shoppers weighed downed by their bags of tikoy (rice cake), ube hopia (taro pastry), and ma chang (meat-filled sticky rice). Despite their heavy load, they continue to jostle, crane their necks and chirpily browse the sidewalks of trinket hawkers bargaining jade amulets, bracelets, and good luck charms in Fukien-accented Tagalog. Goldsmiths, vegetable vendors and traditional medicine sellers soon chime in.

  • Tepotzotlán

    written by fmadera on 2011-11-23 #places

    Tepotzotlán is one of the best places to visit to get an impression of traditional Mexico. Located less than an hour drive out of Mexico City it holds the country's most important museum dedicated to the study of Colonialism, so pivotal in order to understand the history of Mexico

  • Carcar: Heritage City of Cebu

    written by eazy360 on 2008-10-28 #places
    Carcar: Heritage City of Cebu

    A drive down the southeastern coast of Cebu offers relaxing views of mangrove beaches, arching roadside acacias and, most remarkably, beautiful colonial architecture...

  • Bahay Nakpil-Bautista & The Boix House: Colonial Homes of Bautista Street

    written by eazy360 on 2009-02-13 #places
    Bahay Nakpil-Bautista & The Boix House: Colonial Homes of Bautista Street

    On the tamer side of Quezon Boulevard, the echoes of colonial domesticity and fortune still linger within the old homes of Quiapo. While many have suffered the slow death of neglect and the doom of uncaring government-sanctioned demolitions, some domiciles prove to be heritage conservation successes amidst the raucous of jeepneys, fruit vendors, political rhetoric and hawkers of bootlegged videos that clog the narrow streets that were once the most beautiful in all of Manila.