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  • I Simply Love to Eat!

    written by analogmonolog on 2011-05-20
    I Simply Love to Eat!

    EAT is really vital for us to keep on going in our everyday life. So like others, I love to eat too. So what are your favourite food and what are mine? Everybody got their own choices and taste but we share the same love towards the food. The smell , the taste , the colour - suddenly we are occupied on one thing , self centered on the food and nothing else but the food.

  • Chocolate cake at Vienna

    written by agrimony on 2008-10-29 #places
    Chocolate cake at Vienna

    If you need some rest from all the impressions you got by walking through the city of Vienna and have a little bit of a hypoglycemia sugar is the best thing to fight it! Take some time out at the Kunsthalle-Café am Karlsplatz. If there is summer in the city take place in a very comfortable canvas chair and feel like on a green city beach. A friendly waitress will come soon and ask for your desires.

  • Nida

    written by jogintas on 2008-04-27 #places

    If you want to have real leisure time, choose Nida. Please, take the map and find Lithuania. Do you see a small and thick land in the Baltic Sea? That's called the Kursiu Nerija and its center is the town of Nida. No busy people, no loud clubs (there are some, but not as the main places to visit here) - just pure landscape... Perfect for slide films near the beautiful places of sand, sea water and small town houses... quiet, but still interesting.