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  • Holga Sampler

    written by molotovcoketail on 2010-04-19 #gear #tutorials
    Holga Sampler

    Snap all of those actions that unfold in front of you with your Holga! See how it can be done with this Tipster!

  • Panoramic Holga

    written by scapegoat on 2010-04-07 #gear #tutorials
    Panoramic Holga

    How wide can you go with your Holga? It's much more than what you think!

  • Interact with Yourself

    written by palmerston on 2010-04-21 #gear #tutorials
    Interact with Yourself

    No one knows how you better than yourself! Show your true self with Holga!

  • Hole Punch Paper Mask

    written by fookshit on 2010-04-15 #gear #tutorials
    Hole Punch Paper Mask

    Have you heard about pinholes? Yes, of course! In fact there's a Holga without it's lens. How about hole punch? No? Well, this Tipster will have you peeking through a lot of holes, literally!

  • Holga Flashing

    written by johnnyholga on 2010-04-07 #gear #tutorials
    Holga Flashing

    Here's proof that the Holga's built-in Colorsplash is an indispensable part of the camera! - You might think it's a joke to put on a little flash in Holga's rather bulky plastic body, actually it's the crowning glory where this camera gets it pride!

  • Skiing

    written by eraserhead on 2010-04-07 #gear #tutorials

    Planning on skiing down the snowy slopes? Don't forget to bring the essentials and an extra pair of gloves for your Holga. Yes, it loves to do skiing as well because there's a tipster for you to do out there in the cold!

  • Flash and Sun

    written by durruty_de_alba on 2010-04-07 #gear #tutorials
    Flash and Sun

    The Holga loves all the light it could get, so why not use both? You might think it's impossible, but it did and you will be surprised how well it looks on your shots!

  • Wine Tinted 35mm Holga

    written by sqizo on 2010-04-20 #gear #tutorials
    Wine Tinted 35mm Holga

    The Holga not only eats 120 film and with using an easy load adapter, it can also digest 35mm! Slide film, B&W, negatives and even redscaled film!

  • Water Dream

    written by remitch on 2010-04-21 #gear #tutorials
    Water Dream

    The Holga is known to produce some of the most surreal anologue dreams, you all know that, huh? But how about this dreaming in liquid?

  • Light Leaks

    written by skac on 2010-04-20 #gear #tutorials
    Light Leaks

    With your Holga, you can embrace any kind of photographic errors known and call it art,of course!Just like this tipster here!

  • 180C 2xpose

    written by sine18 on 2010-04-20 #gear #tutorials
    180C 2xpose

    Like to see the other side of your analogue world? It can be revealed with a little bit of twisting and turning of the Holga camera!

  • Holga CFN Bulb Setting

    written by khon_fused on 2010-04-21 #gear #tutorials
    Holga CFN Bulb Setting

    Something of a Tipster that you shouldn't and never forget when shooting with the Holga!

  • Bulb

    written by joncherry on 2010-04-07 #gear #tutorials

    You can actually take long exposures with the Holga and it's more fun if you do it like our Tipster did! Not the usual long exposures you might be thinking,but it's more wilder than that and it works perfectly fine with a cross processed 120 slide!

  • Tripod Holga

    written by goldhammer on 2010-04-07 #gear #tutorials
    Tripod Holga

    Keeping it steady and clean with the Holga has never been this easy! Will save you a lot of bucks too if you're on a tighter budget, so getting rid of those blurs can now be achieved with this simple to do modification I am about to share!

  • Holga Filters

    written by seanmichel on 2010-04-20 #gear #tutorials
    Holga Filters

    The Holga could be the most inexpensive camera you'll own, but added with a few filters, your monochrome shots will look gorgeous!

  • Spotlighting

    written by not7here on 2010-04-21 #gear #tutorials

    Want your shots to be the center of attention? It can be if you have the Holga! Read on to know more about it!

  • Super Grain

    written by marcolitos on 2010-04-07 #gear #tutorials
    Super Grain

    Using hi-speed monochrome film with Holga, will not only yield superb grains, but you'll get a fair amount drama as well! - So if you're seeing your world in black and white lately, then surely this one is something for you to enjoy!

  • B&W Film

    written by lurgee on 2010-04-07 #gear #tutorials
    B&W Film

    If you're in the mood on something very classic, the Holga will never disappoint you! - Known to give you the weirdest colour textures on your photograph, the Holga could do some monochrome magic too!

  • Same Pic, Different Position

    written by ladym on 2010-04-07 #gear #tutorials
    Same Pic, Different Position

    With Holga, you can see as many things you want within a frame! As long as you know how to do multiples, there's always a reason for you to be snapping with the Holga everytime! Here's how.

  • Double in Two Cities

    written by l_vagnozzi on 2010-04-07 #gear #tutorials
    Double in Two Cities

    A roll of film exposed once is sometimes never enough for Lomographers, especially when using the Holga! - if you yearn to go to another place and want to preview it in a very different manner, you should be doing this tipster now!

  • Multiple Filters

    written by jtuck33 on 2010-04-07 #gear #tutorials
    Multiple Filters

    You love colours, don't you? with this tipster, you can intensify the saturation on its highest level! I meant extreme colour-madness, better than x-pro perhaps and it's quite easy to do actually, nothing to fuss about any boring technical stuff, just pure Lomo fun!

  • Night Shots without Bulb

    written by nschaps on 2010-04-21 #gear #tutorials
    Night Shots without Bulb

    The Holga lately has a lot of varieties, from having glass lens, color flash and even 3D! But nothing beats the good old basic plastic queen we have known and you can still do night shots with it!