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  • Unique Photos with a Self-created Mask

    written by furano on 2010-11-30 #gear #tutorials
    Unique Photos with a Self-created Mask

    A very special and extraordinary way to use your Holga is to take pictures with a self created mask. The tools you need for this: scissors (or a knife), thin black cardboard, some tape, fantasy and creativity.

  • Flüelapass Davos, Switzerland

    written by furano on 2010-04-23 #places
    Flüelapass Davos, Switzerland

    In the alps - if you want to get from one valley to another - you have to drive through a tunnel. But if you want to have some nice and lovely pics on your rolls after crossing the mountains, enjoy a ride over a pass - for example the Flüelapass in Davos.