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  • Chasing Waterfalls

    written by bluemie5 on 2011-04-30 #places
    Chasing Waterfalls

    When you think of getting some tan and spending time under the sun, the first thing that comes to your mind is the BEACH. The taste of sea water, the waves of the ocean, sand under your feet...why not make waterfalls your alternative choice as a favorite spot to get some sun?

  • Dolphin Island

    written by bluemie5 on 2011-05-02 #places
    Dolphin Island

    Favorite place to get some sun? I can't think of anything other than the beach and swimming of course. Imagine this...swimming while feeding many dolphins around you. This is what we experienced in Misamis Occidental Aquamarine Park (MOAP), Philippines. If you love Flipper, then you'll fall in love with this place as well.

  • Mooon Cafe

    written by bluemie5 on 2011-04-30 #places
    Mooon Cafe

    Yes it has three Os. The extra letter O is for the overall, outstanding mark that I give them. The food is affordable, the taste is superb and the Mexican ambiance is really cozy and great. Mooon Cafe is a restaurant where you can order and not worry about the prices and taste, definitely worth the money you paid.