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  • Versailles and its Delightful Sights

    written by luffyblu on 2013-01-21 #places
    Versailles and its Delightful Sights

    The Palace of Versailles is one of the most impressive achievements of 18th-century French art. It is not only a place bursting history and culture, where you can appreciate art and beautiful architecture, but there you can also contemplate nature, slow down and relax, away from the fast rhythm of the city.

  • Palace of Versailles

    written by reyes on 2008-07-28 #places
    Palace of Versailles

    Welcome to Marie Antoinette's world! Visiting the Palace of Versailles is truly an amazing experience. The luxury inside the palace is absolutely ridiculous: ceiling fresco paintings, sculptures, glass chandeliers, massive pieces of silver furniture ... These people had lost their heads...literally.

  • Château de Versailles

    written by lihooi on 2011-08-26 #places
    Château de Versailles

    Versailles is about 20 kilometers southwest of Paris. Trains from Paris reach Versailles in about 40 minutes. Château de Versailles (Palace of Versailles) is one of the largest and the most luxurious castles in the world. Boasting of over 2,100 windows, 1,200 fireplaces, and 60 staircases, the palace is one of the most visited attractions in France.