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  • Winter Wonderland

    written by hillymart on 2011-01-23 #places
    Winter Wonderland

    While most people endured the blistering cold last winter season, I opted to take a trip to Mexico to escape the awful cold and have a nice, sunny holiday, exploring. This is a series of photos taken in Oaxaca, Mexico during December 2010.

  • Lomographers Around the World. Oaxaca with Makny

    written by lomographyembassyspain on 2013-10-10 #places
    Lomographers Around the World. Oaxaca with Makny

    What better travel guide than a local friend to get to know a city?! Today makny shares with us the best tips ever so that we can make the most of our next visit to Oaxaca.

  • Oaxaca, Mexico

    written by makny on 2010-08-28 #places
    Oaxaca, Mexico

    Oaxaca is one of the most beautiful cities of Mexico. It is located in the southern part of the country. Oaxaca is a Cultural Heritage Site by recognized by the world body UNESCO. Enjoy your trip around this great city and of course, don't forget to take pictures!