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  • Reload Your Old 126 Films with Fresh 35mm Film

    written by vgzalez on 2011-03-12 #gear #tutorials
    Reload Your Old 126 Films with Fresh 35mm Film

    If you finally got a 126 roll, don't stop reloading it with your favorite 35 mm film and use it with your Agfamatic or Kodak Instamatic camera!!

  • How To Reload an old Agfa Rapid Cartridge With 35mm Film

    written by sandergroen on 2013-03-15 #gear #tutorials
    How To Reload an old Agfa Rapid Cartridge With 35mm Film

    Rapid was Agfa’s reply to Kodak’s instantly popular Instamatic. Cameras are still widely available on the cheap, but the film rolls have become rare and precious. No problem: revive your Rapid camera in five minutes with this easy tutorial.

  • KODAK Instamatic 25

    written by jaalvarez on 2009-12-28 #gear
    KODAK Instamatic 25

    My first camera. It was July 25, 1977 …: it seems that it was yesterday! This day I receive my first camera. It was ugly, quite ugly, and it was using a cartridge with the movie. I believe (believe no: I´m sure) that in the first spool that I used with this camera, there was not even only one photo that was not going out blurred:!! In this way everything began …

  • Kodak Instamatic 33

    written by agrimony on 2008-10-18 #people #gear
    Kodak Instamatic 33

    The Kodak Instamatic Camera is a camera which was developed in the 1960s to simplify the use of film. The idea was to put in and out a film without any problems because the insertion of normal film often caused troubles. Even professional photographers did it wrong sometimes so that a whole series of their photos was destroyed. So Kodak developed the cassette film (126 film) a rather cheap alternative to usual film at this time, and the above mentioned Instamatic camera. You just have to insert the cassette into the camera – the film transport starts when you turn the film transportation wheel. There is only one producer who still builds 126 films: the Italian company Ferrania. The trade name of the film is Solaris. The format is square and it has 24 exposures. They don’t produce black and white film or slide film anymore.

  • Mark Hamill in a 1971 Kodak Instamatic Commercial

    written by bohlera on 2013-03-11 #videos
    Mark Hamill in a 1971 Kodak Instamatic Commercial

    Years before he heard the calling of the force and became the last hope of the resistance against the evil Empire, Mark Hamill had a much more easy going life, just taking pictures of his girlfriend ... and her mother. Watch this funny commercial from the Seventies after the jump!

  • Scan Your 126 Negatives with the DigitaLIZA

    written by pearlgirl77 on 2012-06-01 #gear #tutorials
    Scan Your 126 Negatives with the DigitaLIZA

    I finally can scanned my 126 negatives with the DigitaLIZA 35mm Scanning Mask without having any problems! Find out how I did it after the jump!

  • My Analogue Childhood

    written by mezzly on 2011-09-14
    My Analogue Childhood

    I recently rediscovered analogue photography and this is the story of the camera that started it all. Not the camera that helped me re discover photography but the camera that helped me discover it in the 1st place, and how it will always be inextricably linked with my childhood.

  • Lomopedia: Kodak Instamatic 100

    written by geegraphy on 2013-07-12 #gear
    Lomopedia: Kodak Instamatic 100

    The Kodak Instamatic 100 was introduced in March 1963 and was produced until 1966. A fairly basic camera, it uses the 126 film cartridge developed by Eastman Kodak as an answer to consumer complaints about the difficulties of loading film.

  • Saint Cyprien Plage

    written by misskhali on 2009-01-04 #places
    Saint Cyprien Plage

    Last year I was living in Toulouse in the south west of France. With friends we decided to go by the sea on a shinny Sunday, and the road lead us to Saint Cyprien, near Perpignan.