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  • Garden Gallery

    written by mattcharnock on 2010-03-12 #places
    Garden Gallery

    This is not really a location you will find on any map, but should you find yourself in Vammen in Denmark then I am sure the curator of this ever changing wonder land would be more than happy to give you a look round (and probably give you a beer).

  • The Smeller

    written by mattcharnock on 2010-03-16 #places
    The Smeller

    The city of Aarhus has a very large and active film and media side. So big in fact that they built a purpose made office building with studios so that more collaborations could be forged. I was fortunate enough to work with Picturewise in this complex.

  • Bazar Vest

    written by mattcharnock on 2010-03-13 #places
    Bazar Vest

    In the middle of a rather snowy Denmark (well sometimes its not snowy) is a little piece of eastern culture. Bazar Vest is a Turkish market, but it's more than that, it's a mini Turkey.