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  • My City of Krasnodar

    written by r_i_b_u_l on 2010-02-06 #places
    My City of Krasnodar

    Krasnodar-Little Paris. The city is located on right to river bank Kuban, in 1350 km from Moscow, on border with Adygea. A city territory — 840 sq.km. Population of the city - 710,7 thousand inhabitants (2009) (18-th in Russia).

  • Water Tower in Marijampolė

    written by dogma on 2009-06-15 #places
    Water Tower in Marijampolė

    I remember this water tower since i was a little kid. This hard and tight build, 100m red bricks beast is located 500m from my house (in the west corner of my city Marijampolė).

  • Spinalonga Island

    written by dogma on 2008-10-17 #places
    Spinalonga Island

    Spinalonga is a Spinalonga island - tiny dot of land and Cretan sea guarder! It's an island situated in the Bay of Elounda. The history of the name 'Spinalonga' is in itself subject to conjecture but it is widely accepted that its roots lie somewhere in the Olous, Olondi, Elounda location and the words meaning long and thorn. Spinalonga is actually the name of the sizeable but slender peninsula and on maps the small island is identifiable by the name Kalidon.

  • Elunda town in Crete Island

    written by dogma on 2008-11-22 #places
    Elunda town in Crete Island

    If you are tired of your job, of routine and everyday running, you need a vacations and good rest? Well then this location is write thing for you. Elunda - it’s a small fisherman village located in Crete island. I have heart that lot of tourist love that place and now I understand why:

  • Train station in Marijampolė

    written by dogma on 2009-01-08 #places
    Train station in Marijampolė

    Marijampolė it‘s not a big town. It‘s in the seven place by size of all Lithuanian towns, but it‘s my home town and I Love it. Marijampolė don’t have a lot famous locations, but there are some which you definitely need to see.