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  • Top Analogue Toys!

    written by soundfoodaround on 2011-12-02
    Top Analogue Toys!

    In the spirit of the season and the lifestyle we promote, here are 5 truly analogue toys. 2 of them aren't even manufactured! Can you add your own favorites to our list?

  • A Brief History of Time (Capsules)

    written by tomas_bates on 2011-03-18
    A Brief History of Time (Capsules)

    Time Capsules are collections of objects that are buried or contained and then re-opened in the future. Some people say they are the closest we can come to time-travelling – They are a unique way of communicating with future generations through objects from today.

  • Summer Photography Tip: Don't Blow It—Rocket!

    written by themindseye on 2013-06-20 #gear #tutorials
    Summer Photography Tip: Don't Blow It—Rocket!

    Did you know that every time you try to blow a piece of dust off your lens you might, in fact, be gluing that bit of grim to your optics? Rather than using your breath, use an air blaster to remove unwanted debris from your camera's one good eye. What you need is a Rocket!

  • Radio Trail, Santena

    written by champi on 2009-06-29 #places
    Radio Trail, Santena

    As a dirt jumper, my second home is my local trail... Ever since some stupid people had us close down our former trail (the Jurassico, maybe you read my location on it quite a while ago...), I had to move to another second home!!

  • Two-For-One - LC-A Party Fun

    written by eggzakly on 2009-08-12 #news
    Two-For-One - LC-A Party Fun

    Due to a whim of the gods of Lomography, the Danish LC-A party became a two-for-one kind of a thing.