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  • Dodger Stadium (Los Angeles, CA)

    written by jblaze823 on 2009-06-15 #places
    Dodger Stadium (Los Angeles, CA)

    Dodger Stadium is the home of the Los Angles Dodgers baseball team. A few friends and I decided to go to Dodger Stadium to watch a baseball game. So we purchased our tickets online and waited patiently for the day of the game.

  • Spring Time, Twister Time!

    written by sirio174 on 2013-05-09
    Spring Time, Twister Time!

    After a long winter, now comes springtime! With the warm weather, there is nothing more fun than going outside on a beautiful sunny day, in the company of friends, maybe taking with us something to play together! Twister is one of the most enjoyable games, a timeless game that everyone likes! In this article, I selected my preferred photos that shows how this game goes. Just watch!

  • Hockey Night Is Back In Canada!

    written by ashleyaang on 2013-01-24 #news
    Hockey Night Is Back In Canada!

    We've waited long enough, but hockey night is finally back in Canada. What better way to celebrate a good ol' Canadian tradition than heading out to the arena, a bar or a friend's house to catch the game!

  • PETCO Park (San Diego, CA)

    written by jblaze823 on 2009-11-08 #places
    PETCO Park (San Diego, CA)

    PETCO Park is home to the San Diego Padres baseball team.

  • A Salute to the Masters: Buraco (A Tribute to Alfred Eisenstaedt)

    written by sirio174 on 2014-09-21
    A Salute to the Masters: Buraco (A Tribute to Alfred Eisenstaedt)

    Alfred Eisenstaedt was one of Life Magazine's greatest photographers, known for his ability to immortalize the storytelling moment of many public events in history. To write this tribute to him, I chose a subject that he photographed in different places and times: card players in public places. The photos in this article were taken at the Patronal Feast of my city Como, during a series of buraco's lessons held by a local card players club.