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  • Wapping

    written by neja on 2011-02-18 #places

    A secret area in London with excellent views for history lovers. Wapping is an area in east London, part of the former Docklands, about which lots of Londoners don't even know. And the ones who know, appreciate it a lot.

  • Shadwell Basin

    written by neja on 2011-03-20 #places
    Shadwell Basin

    The most significant body of water surviving from the historical London Docks. Development in the Shadwell area was encouraged by an enterprising speculator named, Thomas Neale who built the chapel, St. Paul's by Shadwell Basin in 1656 (which was rebuilt in 1821).

  • Quai de Jemmapes a Good Spot to Skate and to Chill

    written by dfred on 2009-07-23 #places
    Quai de Jemmapes a Good Spot to Skate and to Chill

    Does anyone know if during free time there is something better than chilling next to the water, skating and of course taking some pictures? _____________ Est ce que quelqu'un sais si il y a quelques chose de mieux à faire que de trainé à coté de la flote, faire du skate et bien sur prendre des photos quand on a du temps libre?

  • Glasson Dock, Peacefully Busy

    written by panchoballard on 2011-07-19 #places
    Glasson Dock, Peacefully Busy

    Want somewhere that's quiet yet busy? Pretty yet industrial? Remote yet only fifteen minutes away from a busy city? Look no further than Glasson Dock.

  • Candid and Ingenuous Scenes from the Harbor

    2016-05-29 #culture
    Candid and Ingenuous Scenes from the Harbor

    A normal day at the local quay -- in raw analogue.

  • Rio - Niteroi Bridge: The Most Beautiful Exit of Rio de Janeiro

    written by raissuli on 2009-10-02 #places
    Rio - Niteroi Bridge: The Most Beautiful Exit of Rio de Janeiro

    Between the cities of Rio de Janeiro and the sister city of Niteroi, there is a bridge. The view is really astonishing, mostly at morning and sunset, when is possible to see the bay glowing red, blue or green.

  • The Docks of Marseille

    written by azurblue on 2009-03-23 #places
    The Docks of Marseille

    A history of a large docks in Europe and its restoration of it.

  • Münster Dockland Area

    written by earlybird on 2010-08-17 #places
    Münster Dockland Area

    Welcome to Münster, which is known as the city of bikes. I went to the harbour with a friend and was thrilled! There were plenty of interesting characters and exhilarating scenes for you to enjoy with your Lomographic cameras.

  • The Docks (Galway)

    written by petunia on 2008-10-15 #places
    The Docks (Galway)

    The Spanish Parade (more commonly and mistakenly referred to as simply "the Arch") is a haven for tourists, wastrels and those looking for a convenient and picturesque place to get drunk in the warm(ish) Galway Summer months. Go through the Spanish Arch (built in 1584 to keep out the mad Spanish Armada) and walk down the Long Walk past quaintly multicoloured houses facing the swan hangout of the Claddagh Basin across the bay.

  • Southampton Docks

    written by lazyrabbit on 2008-10-18 #places
    Southampton Docks

    So I have been in Southampton just a few weeks now after moving here for uni. It is really easy to get to from London and other surrounding cities by rail, and there is also an airport here to. Once in the city it is really easy to find your way to the docks on foot.