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  • LomoPeople: JimmyEgg.

    written by eva_eva on 2011-03-03
    LomoPeople: JimmyEgg.

    He's a cute, chubby guy with fair skin, wears nerdy spectacles, soft spoken and smiles all the time.

  • The Sunset at Sepang Gold Coast, Malaysia.

    written by eva_eva on 2010-09-10 #places
    The Sunset at Sepang Gold Coast, Malaysia.

    It's a new attraction in Selangor. A white sandy beach, attracts visitors for family outings. The construction of the trade mark resorts, a Palm-Tree Resort are still on going by the time of my visits. The resorts look alike a Palm-Tree from a bird's eye view. It's looks kinda interesting thou, but we couldn't really see the shape of the formation when we are at the same level. Shall pay another visit soon, after the palm resorts are finally launch and open for public.