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  • Tipster of the Week: Five Rolls of Surprises

    written by scapegoat on 2009-10-11 #gear #tutorials
    Tipster of the Week: Five Rolls of Surprises

    Just as everyone is having a break from the Lomo LC-A Race, our two participants from the North American team chose to do something very exciting than to take a break in the pit stop and they're here this week to tell us more about it!

  • Canon EOS-3

    written by altprocess on 2009-02-24 #gear
    Canon EOS-3

    The Canon EOS-3 is a 35mm professional, autofocus camera. It boasts a 45-point area autofocus and can shoot as fast as 7 frames per second. The camera supports all AF and EF lenses accept for the new EF-S lenses made specifically for digital cameras with sensors smaller than 36mm x 24mm. Fifteen custom functions can be set to individualize the camera to truly fit your needs. It even reads the DX coding on the film to properly set the ISO value. Yet, despite all the bells and whistles it is an easy camera to own and operate. All the major dials are in easy reach.

  • Parc de la Plage Jacques-Cartier

    written by rater on 2009-07-12 #places
    Parc de la Plage Jacques-Cartier

    Situated in the Cap-rouge district of Quebec City, you can find this beach flanking the north shore of the Saint Lawrence River.