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  • The Old Town of Vilnius

    written by mantozauras on 2010-03-02 #places
    The Old Town of Vilnius

    Vilnius is well known in Europe of its impressive Old Town. It is not very big but it is one of the oldest medieval old towns in the Northern Europe.

  • How I Survived the Hurricane called Oli

    written by vicuna on 2010-02-22 #places
    How I Survived the Hurricane called Oli

    For the very first time in my life I experienced a hurricane. It was Hurricane Oli that came over Raiatea island the 3rd of February 2010. And as it occurred exactly at the time of my stage of the LC-A race, I couldn't avoid to take some pictures and share this experience with you in a location, even if the hurricane in itself isn't a "real" location....

  • Nightlife in Raiatea???

    written by vicuna on 2010-02-23 #places
    Nightlife in Raiatea???

    As for the LC-A race location at least one is needed to be about "Night and Music Delirium (bar, view, park)" I thought myself, wow, this one will be hard to find for my stage locations about Raiatea Island..... let's say it short: there is absolutely NO NIGHTLIFE on Raiatea.... :( But perhaps I could find a good place to shoot at night...?

  • Tevaitoa

    written by vicuna on 2010-02-21 #places

    There's one very special place on Raiatea I'd like to show you: it's located in the village of Tevaitoa on the west coast. This village has a place that can perfectly symbolize 3 important moments of the history of Raiatea and Polynesia. On the same place you can find a marae, a protestant church and a battlefield of and ultimate fight against the french army in 1897...

  • Watching the Sunrise from Mount Tapioi

    written by vicuna on 2010-02-19 #places
    Watching the Sunrise from Mount Tapioi

    Who doesn't loves to see the sunrise? And what if you could admire this everyday magical moment from the top of a 300m high mountain and have a amazing view over Raiatea, Taha'a and even Bora-Bora and Huahine Islands? Would you like it? Well, come with me, I'll show you that! :)

  • Marae of Taputapuatea

    written by vicuna on 2010-02-21 #places
    Marae of Taputapuatea

    When I arrived on Raiatea last summer and asked people what could be interesting to visit on this island, all told me "marae of Taputapuatea".... sorry, but "mara-what of Tapauatatu what????" Didn't absolutely understand what was the name of this place and what it could be.... Curious to know more about this strange place? Don't worry, I'll explain it to you :)

  • Republic of Užupis

    written by mantozauras on 2010-03-02 #places
    Republic of Užupis

    Užupis is a recognized district for artists and won the name of the most mysterious and romantic district of Vilnius.

  • Gediminas Castle

    written by mantozauras on 2010-03-01 #places
    Gediminas Castle

    Gediminas castle is one of the most iconic buildings representing Lithuania.