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  • How to Fix Sloppy Redscale Scans from a Minilab with GIMP

    written by adash on 2012-08-01 #gear #tutorials
    How to Fix Sloppy Redscale Scans from a Minilab with GIMP

    We all shoot our films, some of us also process and scan it, but I prefer the convenience of the commercial labs for the purpose. Guess my surprise when I got totally different scans from the same roll! This GIMP tutorial covers the basic technique that I used to rectify the problem on one of my first home-made Redscale rolls. Although a digital computer and a software program is used, I do not consider that a manipulation, but rather "fixing" an error that has been made by another computer program elsewhere. We are going to analyze the histogram and based on some basic knowledge about film and exposure, we are going to get the redscale film to look like it was originally intended.

  • Automatic Crop of Lomokino Frames

    written by stouf on 2013-05-08 #gear #tutorials
    Automatic Crop of Lomokino Frames

    Here’s a method to automatically crop frames from scanned lomokino strips, using freely available software.

  • Editing Your Negative Scans

    written by ilkadj on 2012-10-02 #gear #tutorials
    Editing Your Negative Scans

    If you have succeeded in scanning your negatives, it might come in handy to know a couple of softwares that can help you edit your scanned negatives. Check out the article to find out which softwares are helpful!