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  • Doubles with You, The Spring Project - disdis & paramir

    written by paramir on 2010-07-11
    Doubles with You, The Spring Project - disdis & paramir

    A first collaboration between disdis and me (paramir). This is to celebrate the spring in a splash of flowers and colors! Hope you enjoy looking through this fresh gallery.

  • Welcome To South Bank

    written by chomdee on 2009-03-29 #places
    Welcome To South Bank

    Walking and sightseeing over the South Bank.

  • St. Michael's Institution (Ipoh Malaysia)

    written by ripsta on 2009-05-06 #places
    St. Michael's Institution (Ipoh Malaysia)

    St. Michael's Institution (SMI), is one of the premier schools in Ipoh, Malaysia. A part of the La Sallian community of schools worldwide, a brotherhood established by St. John Baptist De La Salle. The original building is now a designated heritage site in Malaysia.

  • The Hill of Emerald

    written by bao_wei on 2012-02-07 #places
    The Hill of Emerald

    There's a hill behind Orchard Road, a hill with private housing units, pubs, bars, and restaurants. Well it is Emerald Hill (Chinese: 翡翠山), it is a well-known place to hangout in among foreigners and youngsters in Singapore. It used to be the home area for the Peranakan, who is the city's wealthy community. William Cuppage is the original owner, who rose from being a postal clerk to acting Postmaster General in the 1840s. In 1837, he leased Emerald Hill and secured a permanent grant for his nutmeg plantation in 1845 which later failed in the 1860s due to disease.