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  • Helsinki: The Winter Wonderland

    written by erikagrendel on 2013-01-10 #places
    Helsinki: The Winter Wonderland

    Do you want to experience winter and urban adventures at the same time? Then you have to pack all the warm clothes you have and come to Helsinki, where you will find tons of snow, frozen sea and rivers, warm saunas and sweet cakes and buns.

  • Hamam in Tbilisi

    written by wil6ka on 2009-03-05 #places
    Hamam in Tbilisi

    A Hamam is a Turkish bath, richly decorated, very hot and mostly in private chambers. But you will find them not only in Turkey, but even sparely in Europe or on the trail of the former osmanic empire.

  • Kallbadhus Restaurant (Bjärred)

    written by minicooper on 2008-10-01 #places
    Kallbadhus Restaurant (Bjärred)

    Maybe that restaurant is the coolest I ever been. You have to walk through a long long wood gateway (Långa bryggan) over the quiet sea of Öresund. At the end you will find a very small restaurant, where you could eat the finest smoked salmon, and a sauna: one for women, one for men. If your are brave enough, after spending some time in the hot room, you can have a bath!

  • Lake Païjänne, Finland.

    written by azurblue on 2008-11-20 #places
    Lake Païjänne, Finland.

    There are 187 888 lakes in Finland ! Lake Païjänne is the second largest lake in the country. It is 119 km long and 23 km wide, and it's surface area is ca 1,1000 km. It is located about 200 km north to Helsinki. The lake is very suitable for boating, recreational fishing, and summer residence.