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  • Canoeing Down the Whanganui River

    written by linnykins on 2013-03-18 #places
    Canoeing Down the Whanganui River

    A majestic, beautiful and unique experience canoeing down the Whanganui (Wanganui?!) River, 145km in length. You can do this with a tour or you can plan your own journey; either way, it's a fun experience that will have you seeing some of the best sights of New Zealand.

  • Carrión International Regatta

    written by drame on 2011-01-20 #places
    Carrión International Regatta

    Velilla del Río Carrión is a municipality in the province of Palencia. Every 15th of August the locals hold a grand event in honor of Our Lady of Arenas and San Roque. It is considered to be the biggest event of the year with cucañas and canoes. It is definitely a grand celebration that is eagerly anticipated by the locals.

  • Spring Break Getaways: Canoeing on Pusiano Lake

    written by sirio174 on 2013-03-08 #places
    Spring Break Getaways: Canoeing on Pusiano Lake

    As you know from my previous articles, I love swimming, I love being in the water, and I love being outdoors. And this year, for my spring and Easter break, I don't need to go very far because just a few miles from my house, there is a small lake on which one can go canoeing -- a "paradise" for amateur and sports club members.