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  • L'Armano (Grugliasco)

    written by champi on 2009-04-06 #places
    L'Armano (Grugliasco)

    L'Armano is a big old villa from the 17th century, something like 200 meters away from my apartment in Grugliasco... It's a huge farm, including a 2 storey house and a chapel, surrounded by a big garden.

  • Graffiti Fabric

    written by champi on 2008-10-06 #places
    Graffiti Fabric

    A little while ago, I went to shoot in an abandoned textile factory (see in my other locations)... As it was great fun and gave me really cool pics, I've been looking for other similar places to go with my cameras!

  • Golgotha - Marseille - France

    written by misskhali on 2008-12-08 #places
    Golgotha - Marseille - France

    Five years ago I was working in an associative radio in Marseille, based in La Friche - Belle de Mai ("http://beta.lomography.com/magazine/locations/2008/04/27/old-tobacco-manufacture":http://beta.lomography.com/magazine/locations/2008/04/27/old-tobacco-manufacture).