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  • Infant D. Pedro Garden (Aveiro, Portugal)

    written by janidays on 2009-03-22 #places
    Infant D. Pedro Garden (Aveiro, Portugal)

    A lake and a garden make this a pleasant green area that lasts throughout the city and spans into lawns and small richly-colored gardens.

  • Ria de Aveiro (Aveiro, Portugal)

    written by janidays on 2009-07-12 #places
    Ria de Aveiro (Aveiro, Portugal)

    Ria de Aveiro is one of the most important and beautiful river accidents of the Portuguese coast.

  • Aveiro - The Portuguese Venice!

    written by paper_doll on 2008-12-10 #places
    Aveiro - The Portuguese Venice!

    Last summer, I was bored out of my mind, so I called up a friend of mine and we decided to take a trip on the very next day. Destination? Aveiro! We were a little bit ashamed for not knowing this wonderful city very well, considering it’s just an hour away from Porto, by train. So off we go!Known as the "Portuguese Venice", the city of Aveiro is crossed by many canals, surrounded by salt-flats, lagoons and beaches and dominated by the Central Canal running through town.

  • Barra Beach

    written by amauridimaia on 2012-04-24 #places
    Barra Beach

    A good place either in winter or summer, there is an endless list of activities that can be enjoyed here. Barra Beach puts together a little bit of everything in a particular location since its long stretch of sand is so crowded in summer with the bars full of life at night.