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  • Pinhole Project: Ghost Employees

    written by plasticpopsicle on 2012-05-02
    Pinhole Project: Ghost Employees

    What started out as a silly idea became an inspiration for me for a pinhole project. Entitled "Ghost Employees," my goal is to document and illustrate the hustle and bustle of people's everyday working life. Interested? Let me share with you some more of my thoughts on this ongoing project after the jump!

  • The Foundary, Charlestown and Cornwall

    written by inthesky on 2009-06-10 #places
    The Foundary, Charlestown and Cornwall

    An Industrial Vanishing Act... Even if at first you feel physically or emotionally distanced from something or someplace, isn't it strange how such a void seems to intensify your own sense of attachment?

  • In The Workplace Rumble Winner Announcement

    written by kazarareta on 2008-11-07 #news
    In The Workplace Rumble Winner Announcement

    We know everyone's out for parties, drinks or probably a cozy home movie night on Fridays. To add yet another happy note, we would like to congratulate our winner for our *In the Workplace* Round-the-Clock Rumble who definitely showed that work could be fun if we put both our minds and hearts into it!