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  • CopyCat Nat #3: jeabzz

    written by natalieerachel on 2012-02-24
    CopyCat Nat #3: jeabzz

    I've re-started an idea that I've had for a long time and started a series; transforming lomographic photographs from our community into paintings! I've been doing some write ups because I thought they deserved some explanation. Read more about it after the break!

  • CopyCat Nat #4: hodachrome

    written by natalieerachel on 2012-03-29
    CopyCat Nat #4: hodachrome

    For the next painting in my series, I've chosen a personal favorite by @hodachrome to transform into painted form! Read more about it after the break!

  • CopyCat Nat #5: werriston

    written by natalieerachel on 2012-04-30
    CopyCat Nat #5: werriston

    The April edition of my painting series is here! I tried something new this time, read on to find out more about it.

  • Cleaning: An Easy Fix

    written by stratski on 2013-03-31 #gear #tutorials
    Cleaning: An Easy Fix

    Sometimes, cleaning will not only get your camera sparkling clean, it will actually fix it when (seemingly) broken!

  • Analogue Approaches to Visual Arts: Analog Visuals from Music to Images

    written by andredimu on 2011-08-05 #news
    Analogue Approaches to Visual Arts: Analog Visuals from Music to Images

    Analog Visuals are analog projections for concerts and cultural event by Vitaily Harmash (belarussian electronic musician), Jerzy Mazzoll (polish clarinettist) and the visual artists Marcin and Tomek Ebert.

  • Burj Dubai - The highest tower of the world

    written by wil6ka on 2009-01-30 #places
    Burj Dubai - The highest tower of the world

    The tallest of ´em all. Oil is money and money is useful. The sheikhs in Dubai understood that time is playing against them and that their oil-resources are vanishing sooner then they can count to three. Therefore they started to build the most astonishing buildings and sights to attract more and more tourists. They have the only 7star Hotel with the Burj al Arab. They have the island-groups the palm and the world in the shape of their names. Michael Schumacher and David Beckham will be neighbours on their private islands.

  • Visiting the Oil Museum (Manama)

    written by teriax on 2008-09-26 #places
    Visiting the Oil Museum (Manama)

    In the middle of nowhere (actually it is the middle of many oilfields) sits the oil museum of Bahrain ...I went to it by mistake, when i was driving around as a hopeless case of a tourist, who wants to see as much as possible of this small country...

  • By Number Series by Hyungmin Moon

    written by natalieachao on 2014-06-19

    Based on a set of formulated rules constructed by the artist himself, Hyungmin Moon's 'By Numbers' exhibition in Singapore is a fascinating conceptualization of social issues.