1. hervinsyah
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  2. mireiawonka
    mireiawonka ·

    @hervinsyah thank you :)

  3. rik041
    rik041 ·


  4. mireiawonka
    mireiawonka ·

    @rik041 thanx!

  5. stounn
    stounn ·

    What a wonderful atmosphere. It makes me think of the spy hole in the wall of a darkroom where you would be working with chemicals on a photo. Great shot! I just wonder what you were holding in your hand.

  6. mireiawonka
    mireiawonka ·

    Thank you :) In fact, I think I was holding feathers, but I don't really remember.

  7. mireiawonka
    mireiawonka ·


  8. stounn
    stounn ·

    @mireiawonka : Feathers? Great! It fits perfectly the concept of a secret agent, just like Mata Hari, who also was a dancer. Please post more photos.

  9. micika
    micika ·

    wtf?:) GREAT!!!

  10. mireiawonka
    mireiawonka ·

    @micika hahahaha thank you ;)

  11. ooblue
    ooblue ·

    i like this photo so much

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