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  • The Asylum

    written by dazb on 2010-02-10 #places
    The Asylum

    Hiding deep within the English countryside lies this spooky derelict asylum...

  • Chernobyl/Prypiat: A Silent City

    written by pinkpix on 2011-11-06 #places
    Chernobyl/Prypiat: A Silent City

    September 2011, Marije (s0y) and I finally took the trip we wanted to do for so long, visit Ukraine, Kiev and in particular, the 30km exclusion zone around Chernobyl, with the ghost town of Prypiat. When I saw the bumper carts, I almost cried. Afterwards, we were exhausted; there was so much to take in. And bringing too many cameras is never a good idea. ;)

  • Utrecht Urbex: The Cereol Factory

    written by marije on 2011-06-02 #places
    Utrecht Urbex: The Cereol Factory

    Looking for an easily accessible urban exploration location? Look no further than Utrecht's Cereol Factory.

  • Analogue Urban Exploring in Dadipark

    written by pinkpix on 2011-08-21 #places
    Analogue Urban Exploring in Dadipark

    Together with a small group of friends, I went to the abandoned amusement park 'Dadipark', which closed almost 10 years ago after a series of accidents in which a 9-year-old boy lost his arm. Although more and more people find their way to this park as it is an open secret, it is still quite intact. It was freaky and fascinating. And definitely worth a visit.

  • Derelict Military Barracks

    written by dazb on 2011-03-20 #places
    Derelict Military Barracks

    On the outskirts of Bath, one of the UK's most popular tourist cities lies this crumbling derelict military barracks. It opened in the 1940s and closed over 50 years later in 1993. A few years ago there was "news" that the site would be converted into retirement homes - nothing seems to have happened with that plan though.

  • Henryton State Hospital

    written by edenhovenga on 2013-02-06 #places
    Henryton State Hospital

    Henryton State Hospital, known as Henryton Tuberculosis Sanitarium, is a now abandoned hospital complex located in Marriottsville, Maryland built in 1922.

  • Nine Levels Copper Refinery Taiwan

    written by dragontw on 2012-06-27 #places
    Nine Levels Copper Refinery Taiwan

    Doing some Urbex photography has been one of my photography goals this year, but it took awhile to find a good first location. With a bit of research I found out about an old Copper Refinery that dates back to the Japanese Occupation in Taiwan. It closed down in the early 70's and was left abandoned for nature to take over. It's located on the north coast of Taiwan and it would be a full day trip to reach the location.

  • Tales from Nichitsu: Haikyo in Film by Riccardo Parenti

    written by plasticpopsicle on 2013-10-16
    Tales from Nichitsu: Haikyo in Film by Riccardo Parenti

    Last week, we introduced you to Riccardo Parenti's beautiful film photographs around Nichitsu, a popular ghost town around three hours away from Tokyo. We got in touch with Parenti soon after and asked him to tell us more about his ongoing project and experiences in the famous haikyo ("abandoned place").

  • Three Abandoned Engine Sheds in Stralsund, Germany

    written by inrod on 2013-10-10 #places
    Three Abandoned Engine Sheds in Stralsund, Germany

    While preparing for this year's vacation, I stumbled across three abandoned engine sheds close to the train station in Stralsund, Germany. I decided to explore this spot.

  • Exploring the Jacob Tome School For Boys

    written by edenhovenga on 2013-04-19 #places
    Exploring the Jacob Tome School For Boys

    The Tome School for Boys, located in Port Deposit, Maryland, was founded by Jacob Tome as a preparatory school for boys; and it first opened in 1894.