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  • A Film Which Expired 32 Years Ago

    written by shoujoai on 2011-01-27 #gear
    A Film Which Expired 32 Years Ago

    Even though this film expired a long, long time ago, it still shows some interesting results. They look like 40 years old!

  • Inside the Shower Gallery

    written by cruzron on 2010-05-13 #news
    Inside the Shower Gallery

    Hi are you taking so long inside the shower? At least with Lomography, you'll have an answer!

  • Gokarna a Peaceful Destination

    written by -a-l-b-e-r-t-o- on 2009-06-28 #places
    Gokarna a Peaceful Destination

    Gokarna is definitely a magnificent place for a beach holiday but also nice to spend time in the village, temples are everywhere. It is downright inexpensive. Food and accommodation believe me is dirt-cheap on these beaches.

  • Kusatsu-Onsen

    written by kyonn on 2010-08-08 #places

    Kusatsu-onsen is one of the most famous hot springs in Japan. The amount of hot water discharge are more than 32,300L per every single minute! The "Yubata" located center of this Kusatsu-onsen area.

  • My Early Childhood in Black and White

    written by sirio174 on 2012-10-19
    My Early Childhood in Black and White

    In this article you can see some photos of my early childhood. I have few fragmented memories of my first years of life, some of which have been awakened by discovering these old images, all taken by my parents.

  • The Sea of Galilee

    written by jogintas on 2009-08-13 #places
    The Sea of Galilee

    The lowest freshwater lake in Earth has a lot to offer: strong both - in religion and nature...

  • Šmarješke Toplice - Where Old People Swim

    written by wil6ka on 2009-02-16 #places
    Šmarješke Toplice - Where Old People Swim

    I was on the way back from the Balkans, where I just had shot an image-film for a NGO. Our way by car led us through Slovenia, which impressed us very much. Despite it was a state of the Balkan-Region, it very much looked like Switzerland in many ways. This was due to the mountains but also the renovated state of roads and buildings and the obvious economic success of the country. As so they have to deal with the common problem of over-aging.

  • A Day Out in Bath

    written by juliet1688 on 2011-10-22 #places
    A Day Out in Bath

    Bath, situated in Somerset, is brimming with things to see and do. Bath presents some of the finest architectural sights in Europe, definitely a place worth visiting, especially when it's sunny!

  • The River Esteron (Maritimes Alps, France)

    written by azurblue on 2009-10-11 #places
    The River Esteron (Maritimes Alps, France)

    A very pleasant spot to spend the day and refresh oneself when it's too hot in Nice in summer.

  • Lake Païjänne, Finland.

    written by azurblue on 2008-11-20 #places
    Lake Païjänne, Finland.

    There are 187 888 lakes in Finland ! Lake Païjänne is the second largest lake in the country. It is 119 km long and 23 km wide, and it's surface area is ca 1,1000 km. It is located about 200 km north to Helsinki. The lake is very suitable for boating, recreational fishing, and summer residence.

  • Famous Sally Lunn's at Bath, Somerset

    written by juliet1688 on 2011-09-14 #places
    Famous Sally Lunn's at Bath, Somerset

    One of Bath's famous sites is Sally Lunn's. It is one of Bath's oldest houses located in the centre of Bath. Not only is it a historic site, it is a lovely tea house, home of the original Bath Bun.