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  • Castle of Leiria

    written by zulupt on 2009-12-01 #places
    Castle of Leiria

    The Castle of Leiria is open to public and it is in a very good state of conservation. You can visit the Gothic gallery that offers wonderful views of the town and surrounding landscape.

  • Goa's Sunset Silhouettes...

    written by jimjimm on 2012-11-01 #places
    Goa's Sunset Silhouettes...

    Goa's touristy appeal is popular the world over - its beaches, cuisine, the slow pace of life, the unique architecture...all these combine to create a most enjoyable experience and not far behind, are its everyday sunset stories...

  • Mora Village

    written by zulupt on 2009-09-15 #places
    Mora Village

    Mora is a traditional Portuguese village located in the heart of Alentejo; it belongs to the district of Évora. It was founded in 1519 but is dated from the XII century. It is a very beautiful place surrounded by nature.

  • Visita Iglesia Filipina

    written by lakandula on 2013-04-03
    Visita Iglesia Filipina

    Of the days of the Holy Week, Maundy Thursday is typically the day for Catholics to do some church visits called Visita Iglesia. This tradition has its ancient roots when Holy Thursday was set for some visit to sacred sites associated with the passion and death of Christ in Jerusalem. The practice was replicated in ancient Rome with visits to seven of the earliest basilicas as symbolic of the holy places in the Holy Land.

  • Finding Macau’s Spiritual Moments

    written by blowpufferfish on 2010-11-14 #places
    Finding Macau’s Spiritual Moments

    A 3-day trip to the small city of Macau with my Nikon turned out to be an eye-opening experience. With my camera, I was able to capture amazing shots of this multicultural city which doesn't only boasts of great food but a lot of interesting structures as well. Just goes to show how great things can come even from small packages.

  • Off the Beaten Track: The Wonderful Churches of Palermo

    written by sirio174 on 2014-06-02 #places
    Off the Beaten Track: The Wonderful Churches of Palermo

    If you are in search of a lesser known European city full of nice examples of art and architecture, I would recommend that you visit Palermo, the capital of the region of Sicily in the South of Italy. This city is rich with wonderful churches, squares, fountains, and other important monuments and buildings! Take a look after the jump!