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  • Theme: Animals!

    written by lighttomysoul on 2011-10-06
    Theme: Animals!

    Animals! There's so many of them, and we all like different ones! Which one is your favorite? Maybe it's in this crowd. Welcome to the petting zoo, but please be sure to bring some snacks for the little darlings.

  • The Bulgan Province

    written by bensozia on 2010-05-13 #places
    The Bulgan Province

    Endless steppe, warm gers, toothless grannies and the gorgeous smell of burning sheep dung.

  • UK Farm, Kluang

    written by lihooi on 2011-07-08 #places
    UK Farm, Kluang

    Now we won’t need to travel all the way to Australia or New Zealand to see a flock of sheep grazing in the meadow. The grazing time, scheduled three times everyday, would definitely amaze us Malaysians as hundreds of sheep are let loose from their shed! It is a spectacular sight that can’t be missed!

  • Geiranger - The Hidden Paradise

    written by cowboy on 2010-07-28 #places
    Geiranger - The Hidden Paradise

    In the early summer I went to my neighbor country Norway, I didn't expect much, but what I found there was amazing: high mountains, breathtaking views and lots of free-roaming animals!! Say hello to Geiranger, a hidden paradise that will leave you breathless and wanting for more!

  • Mother Farm: Meet The Cuties!

    written by takezzo on 2009-07-15 #places
    Mother Farm: Meet The Cuties!

    Mother Farm is a good place for a family (especially with small children) to spend a day. You can meet many kinds of domestic animals like sheep, pigs, cows, ducks, horses, llamas and even ostriches. It must be a good experience for kids.

  • Park of the Dead

    written by sprofishgel on 2011-07-18 #places
    Park of the Dead

    Religion, nature and...beer! These three factors make an almost perfect combination, which Park of the Dead offers. In this place you will find a lounge bar open all day and the owner is also a lover of Lomography.

  • Old Sturbridge Village

    written by kylethefrench on 2008-11-01 #places
    Old Sturbridge Village

    Old Sturbridge Village, or OSV as locals call it, is a historical "amusement" park. Basically it is filled with buildings and actors and animals all acting like it is 1837 new England.

  • A ‘Farm’-ing Trip Down South

    written by yuanchin13 on 2011-12-27 #places
    A ‘Farm’-ing Trip Down South

    A journey full of bliss and peace within the greens of a farm. Truly an experience hanging out with sheep and experiencing farm life in Johor. I was literally in the UK but figuratively in Scotland when I visited the UK Farm. Located locally in Kluang, Johor, this place is heaven for those who wish to escape the hectic urban lifestyle.

  • Where Sheep and Wolf Shake Hands

    written by micbec on 2011-04-23 #places
    Where Sheep and Wolf Shake Hands

    Not even seven minutes away from Central Train Station in Dusseldorf you will find the railway underpass on Eller Street.

  • Sheepy London

    written by beckyinlondon on 2011-03-31 #places
    Sheepy London

    Goats and sheep on the farms of Hackney and Mudchute.