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  • 43°C: Drinks, Sunglasses and Plastic Cameras

    written by brittany on 2010-09-27
    43°C: Drinks, Sunglasses and Plastic Cameras

    Let your instincts lead you on your next analog adventure! Team up with a buddy, take a drink or two (or three), grab your camera of choice, and snap, snap, snap away! Imagine this: 43°Celsius heat with four fans circulating hot air. That’s where my best friend Nick and I found ourselves one crazy-sweltering day this summer – a day that would later turn into one of the best lomo adventures!

  • Happy Birthday Señor Cellphone!

    written by jasonskung on 2013-04-18 #news
    Happy Birthday Señor Cellphone!

    Today, we celebrate the cellphone’s 40th birthday! We’ve come a long way from brick-sized cellphones to our magical touch-screen gadgets we have today! Let’s look back at the analogue roots of our dear friend, the cellphone.