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  • Pirates, Caribbean Island Life (Mexico)

    written by blue-dog on 2009-02-13 #places
    Pirates, Caribbean Island Life (Mexico)

    There is a place in Mexico that I fell madly in love with many years ago called Isla Mujeres. English translation; Island of Woman . So just given that information it becomes a place of wonder lust to most people. I love the slow life here, and it is nothing like the excess of Cancun. With its Caribbean cobalt sky, ( take your LCA ) and crystal clear turquoise waters,( take your Frogeye) And white-bright sugar-sand beaches, you could shoot lots of slow speed films here, or even pinhole shooting because it can be very bright in the shade on most summer days.

  • Women's Bead Co-Op on a Caribbean Island

    written by blue-dog on 2010-07-24 #places
    Women's Bead Co-Op on a Caribbean Island

    Come and spend your vacation in the beautiful Caribbean island Isla Mujeres in Mexico as I have a great find for you there! It's a great place to eat as well as the place to go to for all of your beadwork needs. It's for a good cause to boot!