Nico Running on the beach

I am Juan Álvarez (jaalvarez), 39 years old. I´m an spanish engineer.
Almost by accident, I found my ActionSampler. I wanted a simple camera, totally analogue, and she was there, full of colors and saying: Buy me !!!.
And so it began: I bought it.
Since then, I have not stopped using it, especially with children. They do not stop and the four lenses capture their life in motion. The little children are growing … You can shoot some photos viewing it !!!
Definitely: I like the mechanical world and I like the analogue one, then I like the Lomography ActionSampler !!!


  1. chichic
    chichic ·

    so so sooooo cute!!!!! i love the colours too!

  2. jaalvarez
    jaalvarez ·

    The children ...
    Hurry up !!!
    Take a lot of photos !!!
    They grow very rapidly !!

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