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  • Let's Have Fun with Rat's Eye View Shot!

    written by hodachrome on 2014-01-28 #gear #tutorials
    Let's Have Fun with Rat's Eye View Shot!

    Have you ever tried taking pictures by placing the camera on the floor? This is called the "Rat's Eye View Shot" and you can actually take long exposure shots at night without using tripods! Isn't that awesome? It's quite popular as well. Try this technique and enjoy the world of low angle.

  • Hodachrome's December Photos

    written by hodachrome on 2013-01-29 #gear #tutorials
    Hodachrome's December Photos

    Month-by-month I'll pick up one Lomograph and write a brief Tipster on, and anything associated with my feelings towards, it. The first article features a December-photo. After the jump, I'll introduce you to a snow-filled photo that emulates the winter season.