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  • Egg White, Salt and Silver Nitrate

    written by soundfoodaround on 2012-03-20
    Egg White, Salt and Silver Nitrate

    Since the beginning of photography there have been many photographic processes. Some of them remain to this day, some crashed and burned within two decades of their release even if the quality of the resulting image using that process what pristine. It's safe to say economics and practicality had a lot to do with it.

  • The Externsteine

    written by zark on 2009-07-18 #places
    The Externsteine

    The Externsteine are a distinctive rock formation located in the Teutoburger Wald region of northwestern Germany, not far from the city of Detmold at Horn-Bad Meinberg. The formation consists of several tall, narrow columns of rock which rise abruptly from the surrounding wooded hills. The name probably means "stones of the Egge".

  • The Natural History Museum, London

    written by minty on 2010-01-07 #places
    The Natural History Museum, London

    Get up-to-date on the dates that have already passed.

  • Conquering Mutianyu, The Great Wall

    written by kaelcat on 2010-08-30 #places
    Conquering Mutianyu, The Great Wall

    I decided to end my summer trip in Beijing with a BANG! True enough, IT WAS! My friend and I decided to go to Mutianyu where the watchtowers and passes were built on the steep mountains (and what a climb it was!). Hiring a private taxi indeed was the best transport to take since it only took us a little over an hour. And it’s cheap! It’s a fast and easy way to get to the Great Wall if you want to spend a lot of time trekking the only man-made structure visible from space!

  • The Abandoned Geo. W. Reed & Co. factory a.k.a.

    written by cheesegirl on 2010-01-18 #places
    The Abandoned Geo. W. Reed & Co. factory a.k.a.

    Historical and factual information on this building is scarce due to the fact that it is an abandoned factory that is located on an abandoned street. It is a dream location for anyone interested in urban exploration, abandoned factories, and graffiti.

  • Real Gabinete Português de Leitura

    written by wil6ka on 2009-05-23 #places
    Real Gabinete Português de Leitura

    There are few places in the world, which I have visited because of one pictures I have seen of it. Such a place is the Real Gabinete Português de Leitura. A colonial library in the centre of Rio. A couple of years ago I was intrigued by a massive grand format picture from Andreas Gursky. He is one of the most famous photographers of our time, he surely is the most expensive one. His technique is to manipulate and enlarge pictures. His topic is the gathering of large groups and the enhancements of architectonic structures. He also chose the Gabinete as a sujet and that was, why I went there.

  • The Best of LIFE: 1936-1972

    written by soundfoodaround on 2012-03-01
    The Best of LIFE: 1936-1972

    Photojournalism at its best. This is the 37-year legacy LIFE Magazine has left us. It's creator, Henry Luce, founder of the other boldly titled magazine, TIME, had a vision that the editorial proved to have achieved. This vision? As stated in his profound mission statement: "To see life...to see the world; to eyewitness great events...to see strange things...the see and be amazed".

  • 1920s Midway - Fort Edmonton

    written by dirklancer on 2010-04-13 #places
    1920s Midway - Fort Edmonton

    Step back into a simpler time in the middle of the city.

  • Shootin’ Across Town with the Lomo’Splitzer: Vienna

    written by fl0werp0wer on 2015-03-26 #tutorials
    Shootin’ Across Town with the Lomo’Splitzer: Vienna

    Who knew that by making a hop, skip and jump across town you could create such crazy lomo'instagraphs?! When equipt with the Lomo'Instant and the trusty Splitzer accessory - anything is possible. Take a peep at this selection taken from different locations across Vienna and see for yourself the phenomenal results. Read on to discover how you too can splice-up (and spice-up) historic buildings on your next sight-seeing trip.

  • Fells Point

    written by ssamm66 on 2009-08-05 #places
    Fells Point

    Historical Place near downtown Baltimore and a must see must see local music store.

  • Peggys Cove, Nova Scotia

    written by dirklancer on 2009-06-24 #places
    Peggys Cove, Nova Scotia

    This historic and picturesque fishing village may cause your film stock to hit unprecedented low levels.

  • Taj Mahal, India

    written by wil6ka on 2009-02-08 #places
    Taj Mahal, India

    I am not such a touristy traveller, checking out all the sites and then getting drunk with your native co-travellers. No, I want to see, what the locals do, feel and think. So my tracks are different to the ones of the masses. But there are certainly some spots that you have to see, when you go abroad. So I went to Taj Mahal and to write it from the beginning: I was disappointed.

  • Give Me Convenience, or Give Me Death

    written by hotdustyroads on 2011-03-07
    Give Me Convenience, or Give Me Death

    This is a paper I wrote for my English course about the downfall of photography with the digital revolution and its resurgence in modern times.

  • Twin Arrows: A Route 66 Lomographer's Paradise

    written by bcartwright on 2010-07-28 #places
    Twin Arrows: A Route 66 Lomographer's Paradise

    Twin Arrows is an abandoned gas station in Northern Arizona that is one of the most easily identifiable landmarks along Historic Route 66. The giant arrows, crumbling buildings and high desert views make for a great opportunity.

  • Place du Trocadéro, Paris

    written by janidays on 2009-08-30 #places
    Place du Trocadéro, Paris

    Place du Trocadéro is a huge square where people go and enjoy the beautiful view to the Eiffel Tower.

  • Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site

    written by dirklancer on 2009-06-25 #places
    Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site

    I knew who Alexander Graham Bell was - most people know that he invented the telephone - but I had very little knowledge of his work as a prolific scientist, innovator, and engineer, and even more important to him, teacher of the deaf. Now that I have spent some time at the Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site, I wish I would have had the chance to meet this amazing, driven, and compassionate man.

  • Baltimore's Inner Harbor

    written by ssamm66 on 2009-07-31 #places
    Baltimore's Inner Harbor

    Baltimore's Inner Harbor is a seaport centered at the edge of Downtown Baltimore. The harbor as been around since the 1600's bringing people, ships and goods from all over the world.

  • Pearl Harbor Navy Base, Oahu, Hawaii

    written by kdm315 on 2010-11-12 #places
    Pearl Harbor Navy Base, Oahu, Hawaii

    It is so easy to forget that on the sunny, tropical island of Oahu lies the Pearl Harbor Navy Base, famous for the 1941 bombings that killed almost 2,500 people. When my friends and I decided to vacation in Hawaii, I know they had surfing, tanning, and swimming in the ocean on their minds. I, however, grabbed my Diana F+ and booked a seat on a bus to take me to Pearl Harbor, where I had one of the most moving experiences of my life.

  • The Bridges to Wayne, Alberta

    written by dirklancer on 2010-10-03 #places
    The Bridges to Wayne, Alberta

    This is a story of crossing eleven bridges in 6 kilometres and discovering the hamlet of Wayne - population 27. Wayne is a hamlet in the Canadian province of Alberta. Once home to thousands of coal miners and residents who worked in support of this industry, now home to 27, according to the changeable sign near the saloon.

  • Schatzalp Davos, Switzerland - Slow Down, Take it Easy

    written by furano on 2010-04-10 #places
    Schatzalp Davos, Switzerland - Slow Down, Take it Easy

    An almost forgotten area in the Grisons in Switzerland: The Schatzalp in Davos. Once a well known ski area, then closed for years and the only highlight: the historic hotel. But I have explored this spot for me again.

  • Star Ferry at Tsim Sha Tsui (Hong Kong)

    written by k4ren on 2009-04-07 #places
    Star Ferry at Tsim Sha Tsui (Hong Kong)

    The ferry terminal overlooks Victoria Harbour and is a stunning sight at night. This is the biggest open space you can find in Hong Kong.

  • Hallgrímskirkja, Iceland

    written by wil6ka on 2009-02-04 #places
    Hallgrímskirkja, Iceland

    Since Reykjavik is a very small capital you really can walk to Hallgrímskirkja on foot. And hence it’s so huge you probably see the tip of it from every point of the city. Interesting how the Icelandic people deal with religion. Surely it means a great deal to the people if you live on a cold rock with nothing on but ice. But with their special and awkwardly great sense for style and design they have set their mark even on the architecture of sacred places.

  • Commerce Square

    written by tmmluis on 2008-11-18 #places
    Commerce Square

    The Commerce Square, also known as Palace Square, is one of the most majestic squares of Lisbon. This is where the royal palace stood for over two centuries until 1755, when its was destroyed by the Great Earthquake.

  • Bukhara

    written by wil6ka on 2008-12-02 #places

    Now we are talking the real old school: When you talk about the United States or even Germany, we are talking about countries, which are as young as a child, who is starting to speak its first words. If we want to talk about adults and grandfather we will have to talk about the fabulous Uzbekistan and the city of Bukhara.

  • Black and White Tanjong Pagar

    written by coolsigg on 2012-04-27 #places
    Black and White Tanjong Pagar

    Tanjong Pagar is a historic district located in downtown Singapore. As with everything in Singapore nowadays, it has undergone tremendous transformation in recent years. Let's take a look after the jump!

  • The Past Preserved at Robie's Country Store

    written by carmenism on 2011-02-08 #places
    The Past Preserved at Robie's Country Store

    Hooksett, the small town I come from in New Hampshire, does not have much to show for itself these days. Littered with shopping plazas and used car dealerships, little evidence remains of what was once both a beautiful tourist destination and a bustling manufacturing village in decades long past. Perhaps the only remnant of these times is Robie's Country Store, a lone testament of more fruitful days for my community.

  • Borden Park

    written by dirklancer on 2008-10-07 #places
    Borden Park

    Most Edmontonians speed past this gem of a park on their way to the Hockey Arena, Football Stadium, or the Horse races without even noticing it there, sitting so serenely in its familiar location for the last 100 years. Since I live only a few blocks from this park it has become a convenient place for me to walk, play with the kids, and snap photo after photo after photo.

  • Howick Historical Village: A Heritage Experience

    written by amytam on 2012-09-10 #places
    Howick Historical Village: A Heritage Experience

    An architectural museum/village that offers a historical representation of Howick in the mid-1800s. With beautifully-restored buildings, tranquil pond, and live days every month, the Howick Historical Village is an excellent place to take the family and explore as well as learn! Keep reading for more details!

  • Devín: A Surviving Beauty

    written by livi on 2012-07-24 #places
    Devín: A Surviving Beauty

    Only 15 minutes away from the busy capital of Slovakia, Bratislava lays Devin. Devin is a small village-looking suburb of Bratislava, famous for its ruined castle and old church. Since I've lived here, these two beautiful buildings became symbols for my home. Let me tell you more about Devin and it's beauties after the jump.

  • The Panmure Fencible Historic Reserve

    written by amytam on 2012-07-20 #places
    The Panmure Fencible Historic Reserve

    You can drive pass the same beautiful location everyday and never have time to stop, get out, and take some photos. Last week, I made the most of the sunny weather and explored a reserve that I regularly drive pass on my way to work - The Panmure Fencible Historic Reserve.