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  • A Day In Santa Monica

    written by sugiyamasatomi on 2009-09-04 #places
    A Day In Santa Monica

    Santa Monica is a city for everyone to enjoy! It's a place to shop, and to watch street performers. Musicians, magicians, acrobats to name a few.

  • The Funfair and Its Nomad Community (Ghent)

    2009-03-26 #places
    The Funfair and Its Nomad Community (Ghent)

    I caught up with a group funfair travelers as they hosted their fair in the small city of Ghent, Belgium. I was fortunate enough to be accepted onto their camping site as a photographer and was granted all the permissions I needed in order to document their way of life. This is an ongoing project.

  • Place de la Concorde, Paris

    written by neja on 2011-12-22 #places
    Place de la Concorde, Paris

    Not only a place of memory, but also an open-air circus. At 8 hectares (20 acres), the octagonal Place de la Concorde is the largest square in Paris. It is situated between the Tuileries and the Champs-Elysées. What is now a place for taking pictures with the Eiffel Tower on the horizon, as well as a reforming place for all sorts of street artists, is actually a place of great heritage.

  • Circus Performers From the 40’s and 50’s

    written by jeanmendoza on 2011-12-06
    Circus Performers From the 40’s and 50’s

    It’s always fun to see the costumes and performances of those who work in a travelling circus. Let’s take a look at some photos of circus performers from the 40’s and 50’s.

  • Texas RenFest: An Enchanting Escape!

    written by megzeazez on 2011-11-16 #places
    Texas RenFest: An Enchanting Escape!

    As the largest Renaissance-themed park in the United States, the Texas Renaissance Festival offers something for everyone. From fried "dragon wings" to jousting, RenFest dishes out the fun in an enchanting rural setting.

  • Lovebox Goes LOMO!

    written by cptpartyshark on 2011-08-11
    Lovebox Goes LOMO!

    Lovebox is a 3-day music festival held in Victoria Park, London. A variety of music is performed over the weekend along multiple bars, clothing stores, and a seemingly unlimited assortment of food stalls. I bought a ticket for Bang The Box (the Friday of the festival), grabbed my Olympus Trip 35 and my brand-spanking new Lomography La Sardina and took the train over for a very memorable evening!

  • Olvera Street

    written by sugiyamasatomi on 2009-09-07 #places
    Olvera Street

    Enjoy the Mexican and Latino culture in Southern California!

  • Sunday at Chatuchak! (Bangkok)

    written by vstephanie on 2009-03-19 #places
    Sunday at Chatuchak! (Bangkok)

    Go to Chatuchak and find yourself leaving Thailand with an overweight luggage! Try to stick to inanimate objects so you don’t come home with a cute furry little animal!

  • Cadavre Exquis - The Surrealist Parlor Game

    written by soundfoodaround on 2012-07-06
    Cadavre Exquis - The Surrealist Parlor Game

    Cadavre Exquis or Exquisite Corpse is a Surrealist parlor game that's usually played on paper - by folding the page into quarters and having each player draw one quarter of a person starting with the head or, alternatively, writing a nonsense story starting with the intro. from person 1 and ending on the conclusion with the last player. Meet our lovely concoctions after the jump!

  • Hollywood: A Tourist in my Own Town

    written by mcemsh102 on 2010-08-22 #places
    Hollywood: A Tourist in my Own Town

    The funny thing about Hollywood - the town, not the idea - is that it actually has very little to do with the entertainment industry. Hollywood and Highland is ridiculous, mass-produced, candy-colored, jammed-together, and yet it is a carnival of inauthenticity, not unlike the entertainment industry itself.

  • The Toledo Zoo

    written by 0live on 2011-04-15 #places
    The Toledo Zoo

    Eager to enjoy the first beautiful day of spring, my coworker and lomo-friend Clairessa and I set out to spend some film at the Toledo Zoo!

  • The Bunny Museum

    written by cheeso on 2009-11-20 #places
    The Bunny Museum

    A living museum dedicated to all things bunny!

  • 10 Ways People Amused Themlselves Before Television

    written by soundfoodaround on 2012-01-24
    10 Ways People Amused Themlselves Before Television

    Join us on a us journey to a time BT (Before Television) and see what life was like from Medieval times through to the beginning of the last century. Check out our list, in semi-chronological order, from oldest to newest, of activities people commonly engaged in before the advent of the household, antenna affixed box!

  • Baltimore Go-Karts

    written by vtayeh on 2009-10-09 #places
    Baltimore Go-Karts

    Does driving to work piss you off? Well blow off some steam at Baltimore Go-Karts!

  • Danga Bay, Johor Bharu

    written by faisal_aziz on 2008-10-28 #places
    Danga Bay, Johor Bharu

    One of the "must visit place in Malaysia" is Danga Bay or Teluk Danga, which is the largest recreational park in the city of Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia. It is located near Istana Bukit Serene, about 7 km from Johor Bahru's city center. Many interesting events are held there especially during festive seasons. Danga Bay is also sometimes referred to as the Vision City of the South.

  • Scarborough Spa

    written by hanspan on 2009-08-24 #places
    Scarborough Spa

    Scarborough Spa, in traditional east coast style, rainy!! :)

  • Today in History (2009): Michael Jackson dies of cardiac arrest

    written by jillytanrad on 2013-06-25
    Today in History (2009): Michael Jackson dies of cardiac arrest

    Today marks the fourth death anniversary of the one and only King of Pop.

  • Apple Picking Getaway in Upstate NY

    written by roses_are_red on 2011-11-17 #places
    Apple Picking Getaway in Upstate NY

    Fall for NYers, a getaway trip for some apple pickin'!

  • Roller Disco (Kuala Lumpur)

    written by weechonghooi on 2008-07-21 #places
    Roller Disco (Kuala Lumpur)

    Wang Roller World challenges your recreational rollerblading skills. Our friends were so excited, they can't wait a second to get into the rink. Rolling one-by-one, going hand-by-hand, holding waists forming a "Train" or "Snake". The boys did their train, and so did the girls...

  • Lomography Will Entertain You at photokina 2012

    written by ilkadj on 2012-09-18 #news
    Lomography Will Entertain You at photokina 2012

    There's plenty to do when visiting photokina 2012. But if you've been walking around the exhibition for hours and need a place to hang and enjoy some music, why not stop by Lomography's booth. Check out the live music that we had on our first day at photokina 2012!

  • The Junk Bar a.k.a Backstage in Kuching, Sarawak!

    written by cutebun on 2011-12-03 #places
    The Junk Bar a.k.a Backstage in Kuching, Sarawak!

    This is where my friends and I go to get wild during weekends or just chill out during weekdays. 'Backstage' is behind the restaurant named 'The Junk Restaurant'. Wondering why it's also referred to as the 'Junk'? Read on to find out why.

  • Kennywood Amusement Park

    written by jennay_jean on 2009-11-15 #places
    Kennywood Amusement Park

    Phantom Fright Nights. However, great park food abounds, and the hot sausages at the center stand by the Potato Patch are GREAT!

  • Sanatorium Ferghana

    written by wil6ka on 2008-09-14 #places
    Sanatorium Ferghana

    Uzbekistan is certainly lacking in infrastructure, especially in the field of tourism. Considering it is so rich in historic sites and have such a great potential they surely are years behind.

  • Auckland Series: Rainbows End

    written by amytam on 2013-03-01 #places
    Auckland Series: Rainbows End

    New Zealand's largest theme park, Rainbows End, has something for everyone. Whether you're here for the adrenaline rush or family fun, this theme park can give you and your family a full day's worth of entertainment!

  • Game Shows All Across the World!

    written by soundfoodaround on 2012-06-28 #videos
    Game Shows All Across the World!

    I love game shows, don't you? Check out how they do it all across the world! Can you guess which of these are based off another, American, game show? And can you guess which are originals? Which quiz shows did you grow up with in your households? Would love if you shared!

  • Tomas Morato

    written by halfawakehaiku on 2009-01-12 #places
    Tomas Morato

    Italian? American? Chinese or Mediterranean? German or Japanese? Name the gastronomic delight of your fancy and chances are, this short strip in Quezon City will probably have something to sate your desires. Be it formal, casual or even romantic, Tomas Morato St. will definitely cater to you.

  • Red Square (Moscow)

    written by wil6ka on 2008-08-12 #places
    Red Square (Moscow)

    After the Russians have won the Eurovision song contest I have to bow and say, what they really want they will get eventually. Well, and the 10 million dollar oil-money, that was needed to pay the song, written by Timbaland was helpful as well. But the one place that displays the state of mind of the largest country in the world is truly the red square in Moscow.

  • Ortigas at Night (Pasig City)

    written by halfawakehaiku on 2008-08-07 #places
    Ortigas at Night (Pasig City)

    Like other Business Districts, Ortigas center takes on a whole different form when the sun sets. Home to some of the country's biggest corporations and shopping malls, there's always something to do in this busy little side of the Metro. After shopping your little feet off during the day, a ton of options await the evening Lomographer. You can choose one of the various bars that line up Metrowalk or push a little further to reach the C5 area.

  • Orchard Road in Black and White

    written by coolsigg on 2012-05-07 #places
    Orchard Road in Black and White

    Orchard Road is a major tourist attraction and the retail and entertainment hub of Singapore. It stretches 2.2km long and is lined with numerous shopping malls. Read on to see it in black and white!

  • Enjoy the Passion of Salsa Bar in Seoul

    written by seikanah on 2011-08-16 #places
    Enjoy the Passion of Salsa Bar in Seoul

    You'll be surprised to see a lot of Salsa mania in Seoul. Usually participating in Salsa clubs, Salsa lovers visit Salsa bars during weekends to lighten the stress of weekdays. To the Salsa beginner's eyes, such as me, Salsa is an art lead by male & expressed fully by female. Thus, all the partners enjoy the dance with charm and passion.