finally got down to uploading these shots from the Laneway music fest. Great day, hot sun, much overheating and dehydration. But heeey I caught Bat for Lashes, Tame Impala, Of Monsters and Men and Alt-J and enjoyed the rest of the solid lineup! Most of my sunset strip pictures did not turn up, and those that did were marred by excessive graininess and random elbows/heads in the way.


  1. kibs
    kibs ·

    Looks like a really fun day with some great groups!!! :)

  2. aoizumi
    aoizumi ·

    @kibs Yes, it was! The acts blew me away!

  3. shariff
    shariff ·


    whats this supposed to be?

  4. aoizumi
    aoizumi ·

    @shariff Yup, these are lightleaks! I tend to use and not waste the frames very near to the film leader (so I get 37, 38 or even 39 shots on a standard 36-frame canister), which may have been inadvertently exposed to light.

  5. shariff
    shariff ·


    i think i shall do just the same from now on!

  6. aoizumi
    aoizumi ·

    @shariff If your 35mm film camera spool allows for it, make a fold at around the 2nd sprocket hole of the film leader and hook it onto the spool! Ensures that the frames advance properly :)

  7. shariff
    shariff ·


    ahh.. i get what you mean! yes yes!

    awesome tip! thanks!

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