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  • Istanbul – Between East and West

    written by sp1rt on 2010-08-29 #places
    Istanbul – Between East and West

    A town of contrasts – Istambul. I saw it once, but I want to tell about every color and every hue that I saw and show you the beautiful places I've been able to visit and take photographs of along the way.

  • Sho(r)t Stories

    written by sp1rt on 2010-04-01 #news
    Sho(r)t Stories

    I have a friend who writes bewithcing short stories to some of my lomo-pictures. I'd like to share some of them with you. Thanks, Andrey!

  • Earth Piece of Heaven Koh Samui

    written by sp1rt on 2010-02-07 #places
    Earth Piece of Heaven Koh Samui

    Thailand is truly amazing country. A land of sun and bliss. One can’t help but forget of all that troubles him and just enjoy the world around. Sun, sea and palm trees, perfect food, friendly locals and the last but not least, prices low beyond reason – all these are Thailand, a must visit place for everyone.