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  • Life in Lomo: My one year Anniversary in Lomography

    written by quaisoir on 2009-09-27 #news
    Life in Lomo: My one year Anniversary in Lomography

    Some time in 2008, I had a dream that something great was going to happen to me on the 13th of September. Lomography changed my life.

  • Honda Bay Philippines

    written by skyphos on 2010-12-16 #places
    Honda Bay Philippines

    Honda Bay is composed of several islets - 12km from Puerto Princesa City in a province called Palawan. In spite of its distance, it's only a one-hour plane ride away from the capital of the Philippines, Manila. Popularly known for its natural wonders, Palawan is a haven for both beach bunnies and photography enthusiasts, which is why a trip to this city is something that I couldn't pass on.

  • My Lomography La Sardina First

    written by imnotgic on 2011-12-12 #gear
    My Lomography La Sardina First

    As a frequent traveler out of our town, Manila, I get to exercise my creative mind using my collection of film cameras like the Fisheye2, Supersampler, and Disderi twin lens camera. However, nothing prepared me in enjoying Lomography La Sardina for the very first time.