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  • The Magnificent Castle of Himeji, Japan

    written by sugiyamasatomi on 2009-09-19 #places
    The Magnificent Castle of Himeji, Japan

    Come and see the most magnificent castle ever built in Japanese history. This castle preserved its form, with the help of some reconstruction after the Second World War. Historical artifacts can be found inside the castle, one of the reasons why UNESCO bestowed it as one of the World Cultural Heritage site.

  • Himeji Castle

    written by warning on 2010-11-05 #places
    Himeji Castle

    If you want to step in to an Akira Kurosawa film don’t miss the coastal city of Himeji and contemplate the most visited castle in Japan. A trip to Himeji to see one of the best-preserved medieval buildings in Japan is well worth it. It was declared a National Treasure and a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1993.