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  • LomoPeople: Debi

    written by shelley on 2010-12-16
    LomoPeople: Debi

    For this week's LomoPeople, shelley writes an ode to the woman who introduced her to analogue and continues to keep the dream alive. Let's all meet Debi!

  • Mother Farm: Meet The Cuties!

    written by takezzo on 2009-07-15 #places
    Mother Farm: Meet The Cuties!

    Mother Farm is a good place for a family (especially with small children) to spend a day. You can meet many kinds of domestic animals like sheep, pigs, cows, ducks, horses, llamas and even ostriches. It must be a good experience for kids.

  • Solo Biking Routes: The Machali Hacienda

    written by gatokinetik-o on 2013-05-22 #places
    Solo Biking Routes: The Machali Hacienda

    The Machalí Ranch is a settlement dating back to the colonial era of Chile, around which many legends are made. It's the perfect place to go biking, as it is only ten minutes away from my neighborhood, and its almost my backyard!

  • Redwings Rescue Center

    written by rube on 2008-05-09 #places
    Redwings Rescue Center

    Pick a hot, sunny, sweltering day to capture an out-of-place feeling that you are somewhere else than Warwickshire, UK. Shoot the horses, the donkeys, all rescued and who all will capture your heart. Then, move out to the wide, open fields to experience a feeling that you are the only person around in this wide-open space.