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  • The Great Lomo LC-A Race Locations: Stage Four Winner Announcement

    written by cruzron on 2009-10-18 #news
    The Great Lomo LC-A Race Locations: Stage Four Winner Announcement

    The Great Lomo LC-A Race's Stage Four Winner originated from a local legend that involves a devil and a saint! Need we say more?

  • Sítio da Nazaré

    written by zulupt on 2009-09-16 #places
    Sítio da Nazaré

    Sítio da Nazaré is located at North of Nazaré beach; it stands 110 meters above the Atlantic Ocean providing one of the best Ocean panoramas in Portugal. Sítio da Nazaré natural beauty, its historical-religious interest, and proximity to Nazaré beach and bars make it a fantastic place to visit. All years, hundreds of tourists arrive to visit one of the most beautiful places on earth.

  • Belle Island

    written by plaidleaf on 2009-09-25 #places
    Belle Island

    Belle Island is one of the local hot spots in Richmond. In the summertime, the rocks on the North side of the island are strewn with people sunbathing, hanging out, playing guitar, drinking some beer (even if it is frowned upon by the police), and rafting in the water.

  • Hollywood Cemetery

    written by plaidleaf on 2009-09-24 #places
    Hollywood Cemetery

    Another of Richmond’s gems, Hollywood Cemetery almost hides itself from the untrained eye. The entrance is located in Oregon Hill, off of Cherry St., almost around the corner from St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church. The city has put up signs pointing in the direction of the cemetery, so if you’re on West Cary St. just follow the blue signs and it’ll lead you there. Once through the main gates it’s easy to lose your bearings – there are so many winding roads with names like “Cedar Lane,” and “Freeman Drive,” that they all start to look the same.

  • Mom's Siam

    written by plaidleaf on 2009-09-23 #places
    Mom's Siam

    If you like Thai food, and you happen to be in Richmond VA, you have to go to Mom’s Siam. Their food is unstoppable, it’s seriously some of the best Thai food I’ve ever had.

  • First Fridays in Richmond VA

    written by plaidleaf on 2009-09-26 #places
    First Fridays in Richmond VA

    If it’s the First Friday of the month, you know what to do. Get yourself over to Broad St., just past Belvedere. If you drive over, chances are you’ll have a hard time finding parking, but it’s definitely worth the parking space hunt if that’s your only mode of transportation. A bicycle or your own two feet are probably the quickest way to get there.

  • 17th Street Farmers' Market

    written by plaidleaf on 2009-09-26 #places
    17th Street Farmers' Market

    How many cities do you know of that have a Farmers’ Market in the middle of downtown? I don’t know of any, but I’m sure there are a few. In the heart of Shockoe Bottom, just off of Main St. sandwiched between 17th and 18th St. is the 17th Street Farmers’ Market. This space has been a public meeting place since 1737 and is one of America’s oldest public markets.

  • Alley Katz

    written by plaidleaf on 2009-09-23 #places
    Alley Katz

    Alley Katz is one of those venues that you can’t help but love. This two-floor wonder holds roughly 500 people and is one of the many venues in Richmond that supports local and national touring acts – no matter what genre.

  • Carytown

    written by plaidleaf on 2009-09-25 #places

    It’s only a few blocks long, but you’d be surprised at how much is actually here. It starts on the 3500 block of Cary and ends just before Boulevard (the 2800 block) and has nearly 300 stores lining both sides of the street.

  • The Byrd Theatre

    written by plaidleaf on 2009-09-23 #places
    The Byrd Theatre

    Do you like going to the movies? Do you like going to the theatre? How much would you pay to see a movie, in a fancy, historical movie theatre? If your answer was more than $1.99, then you overshot the price by a long shot! The Byrd Theatre in Carytown has movies nearly every night of the week for the mere fee of $2.00 – You can’t beat that!!

  • Maymont Park

    written by plaidleaf on 2009-09-20 #places
    Maymont Park

    Wandering about and taking in the scenery is one of my favorite pastimes; I’m betting it’s one of yours too. You can take in scenery just about anywhere, but Maymont is pretty special. It’s 100 acres of pure green beauty interspersed with various gardens and animal sanctuaries. In my eyes, it’s like a miniature version of New York’s Central Park (minus the ice skating rink) in the middle of Richmond.

  • Analogue House Colours' Beats of Vietnam – Transportation (Stage 4) Winners Announcement

    written by soundfoodaround on 2013-09-19 #news
    Analogue House Colours' Beats of Vietnam – Transportation (Stage 4) Winners Announcement

    In the final stage of the Colors' Beats of Vietnam LomoWall Exhibition competition the Transportation of Vietnam was what we asked you to photograph. From stationary cyclos to the well-known scenes of lines of scooters meandering across the wide roads, we could almost hear the engines and bicycle bells through the photographs! See and hear for yourself after the jump!

  • Montargil Orbitur Park

    written by zulupt on 2009-09-14 #places
    Montargil Orbitur Park

    Montargil Park is the place where I usually go during the summer. I live near the sea and I can go to the beach whenever I want. Every year, I like to go to the interior regions in Portugal and Montargil is one of my favorites.