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  • Cross Processing Color Guide

    written by singleelderly on 2012-05-25
    Cross Processing Color Guide

    Every cross processed slide films have different color shifts. In order to use them flexibly, why don't we have a color palette?

  • My Analogue Life: Please Don’t Fix It In Post

    written by pamelaklaffke on 2010-09-29
    My Analogue Life: Please Don’t Fix It In Post

    If we don’t talk about it, maybe it doesn’t really exist. But we all know it does, so perhaps it’s better to get it out in the open, to be grown-ups about it, to share. I’ll go first and admit to occasional cropping and removing annoying dust particles from scans. And I’ll tell you that my biggest pet-peeve is the term “digital cross-processing” because it’s such a blatant oxymoron. But I’ll also say that my life is so much easier thanks to the Adobe Creative Suite software.

  • Sprocket Rocket - Double Panorama

    written by singleelderly on 2010-11-27 #gear #tutorials
    Sprocket Rocket - Double Panorama

    Sprocket Rocket shoots “extra-wide angle” panorama with the width of two 3:2 photos, which is really wide indeed. Yet you must encounter some occasions one day that even this amazing rocket is not enough, then you need to “double” the panorama!

  • My Analogue Life: Share and Share Alike?

    written by pamelaklaffke on 2010-12-01
    My Analogue Life: Share and Share Alike?

    I was at a dinner party once, a gathering of creative entertainment industry types who I’d been told were the best of friends. I was young — in my early twenties — and just starting my career as a writer. Everyone at the table was older, more experienced and definitely more successful. At first, it all seemed quite normal: small talk, gossip, big hugs and some happy-to-see-you air kisses.

  • My Analogue Life: My Favourite Mistake

    written by pamelaklaffke on 2010-09-22
    My Analogue Life: My Favourite Mistake

    Surprise and anticipation are two of the very best things about analogue photography. It’s exciting, fun, and a thousand things digital photography can’t possibly be. But sometimes the surprises aren’t so super, like when an alternative processing experiment goes horribly wrong, or the back comes off your camera and exposes the film inside. And then there’s that occasional roll of damaged film that’s too damaged and the negatives end up being a long strip of nothing at all.

  • Sprocket Rocket – Simple but Unlimited!

    written by singleelderly on 2011-02-21 #gear
    Sprocket Rocket – Simple but Unlimited!

    At first glance on the Sprocket Rocket, it seems to be a very simple camera – two settings of aperture (cloudy and sunny) and two settings for shutter speed (1/100s and B). On second thought, it would be an amazing machine with unlimited possibilities!

  • My Analogue Life: Raiding the Archives

    written by pamelaklaffke on 2010-11-03
    My Analogue Life: Raiding the Archives

    It never ceases to astound me how much our eye changes. A photograph we may have considered one of our best three years ago may bring us close to a cringe today. Certain shots we may have thought were oh-so-original now seem cliché. But looking back through our previous work isn’t always embarrassing. In fact, a leisurely browse through your personal archives can often yield some surprising — and delightful — discoveries.

  • My Analogue Life: Merry Christmas — To Me?

    written by pamelaklaffke on 2010-12-15
    My Analogue Life: Merry Christmas — To Me?

    Everyone is good at something. Some people are naturally co-ordinated and to them, sports come easy. Others sing effortlessly, in tune every time. There are those who can draw almost anything. And then there are people like me who can’t draw, sing or walk six blocks in the snow without breaking my arm for a second time in two months. I do, however, excel at shopping and it’s that time of year when this particular talent is put to the test.

  • The Best of Both Worlds: Two Countries in One Frame

    written by gelagoo on 2010-10-04
    The Best of Both Worlds: Two Countries in One Frame

    Returning to my birth country with a newborn passion for photography has led me to one exciting opportunity: catching two countries in one roll of film. Read on for my experience in reconnecting with my roots, analogue style!

  • Jalan Sultan, Kuala Lumpur

    written by ash3r on 2010-06-24 #places
    Jalan Sultan, Kuala Lumpur

    The Sultan Street is located near the famous Petaling Street (China Town) of the capital city of Malaysia. Many peoples walked on this street everyday or occationally whilst on their way to the LRT station (Light Rail Transit) or on their way to the China Town, but had ignored the beauty of this street.