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  • Hammocks and Caipirinhas in Laidback Cumbuco, Brazil

    written by jokelangens on 2014-02-23 #places
    Hammocks and Caipirinhas in Laidback Cumbuco, Brazil

    It's the kind of tiny fishing village that you would expect far off the beaten track, but yet Cumbuco finds itself located right next to its big brother Fortaleza at Brazil's gorgeous Northeast coast. Cumbuco basically means all year round sunshine, pristine warm water beaches, sweepy dunes and a strong yet warm breeze that makes this spot a real kiters paradise.

  • H2o Beach

    written by lucretia on 2011-08-08 #places
    H2o Beach

    If you’re into kite surfing or you just enjoy having a really great time with your friends at the beach, you’ll definitely love H2o! Situated at the end of Mamaia Resort, H2o Beach is my favorite place to go swimming in the summer and escape the torrid heat of the city.